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Targeting Report for Sponsored Display Campaigns

The Sponsored Display Targeting Report offers in-depth analysis of sales and performance metrics for advertised products across all campaigns that received at least one impression.

About The Report

The Sponsored Display Targeting Report helps advertisers understand how their targeting criteria performed across Sponsored Display campaigns. With this report, you can assess the efficacy of your chosen keywords and search terms for SD targets. 

When you view the SD Targeting Report, you have two options: you can see a summarized view or a daily breakdown. The data in this report covers the past 90 days.

The first step is to analyze how each targeting option performed. Then, with those insights in hand, advertisers should make adjustments within the campaign manager. This entails boosting bids for targets that are yielding sales while eliminating those that are not producing results.

The SD Targeting Report can be leveraged in multiple ways to improve brand awareness and identify targets where more aggressive bidding makes sense. It also helps advertisers identify which competitor products should be a part of their offensive strategies.

How to Leverage the Reports

Optimize campaign targets. Analyzing which targets are performing best allows advertisers to allocate their budgets accordingly. Once you’ve identified the best-performing targets, you can increase spend on those targets. You can also create separate individual campaigns for each target, thereby going granular in optimization techniques

Increase brand awareness. By sorting your targets according to the number of impressions they have generated, you can build a clear view of the targets contributing the most toward brand awareness. With the SD Targeting Report, you can easily sort the top 10 highest-impression, filter them for relevancy, and then identify similar products and categories to target later.

Enhance offensive product targeting. One of the key ways to gain market share is to target relevant and highly ranked competitor products. The SD Targeting Report makes it easy to find competitors to target. Once you identify which targets are working well, you can go after other, similar targets.

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