Introducing Intentwise Explore

Intentwise Explore accelerates the ability for brands and agencies to extract value from Amazon Marketing Cloud.

With Intentwise Explore, customers can schedule pre-built or custom queries without any specialist knowledge, choose from a library of custom audiences, and benefit from robust customizable dashboards.

Some of our clients

What clients say about us

Without Intentwise Explore, we’d have to hire 2-3 more people. AMC can be challenging if you don’t have the technical infrastructure built on top of it.

Ben LeMaster
Director, Programmatic, Code3

Intentwise Explore is the best of both worlds, allowing Macarta to deliver bespoke, custom AMC solutions for our clients without all the technical challenges.

Stephen Reagan
President & CSO, Macarta


Answer your burning questions without a lick of SQL

With the right queries, Amazon Marketing Cloud can answer long-simmering questions about the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, unlocking insights like:

  • What is your most effective campaign path-to-purchase for acquiring new to brand customers?
  • How long do customers take to purchase after being exposed to an ad?
  • How many new-to-brand customers are my Sponsored Products campaigns discovering?

With Intentwise, you don’t need to spend hours with a data-team writing the SQL queries to get answers. Just pick the queries you want to run, and watch the data populate in your data store.

Fast-Track Reporting

Pre-built Query Library and Dashboards

Normally, pulling insights out of AMC is painstaking–you have to frame the hypothesis, write the SQL query, validate the result, and visualize it so you can take action. With Intentwise, you get:

  • A library of SQL queries for AMC, which run automatically in the background.
  • Industry-standard visualization tools, and pipelines to take the output from AMC directly into your data warehouse.
  • Access to our incredible team of Amazon experts, who are available 24/7 to assist with troubleshooting, or to build your own custom solution.

Unrivaled Services

Backed by Our Team of Amazon Data Experts

Whether you need help with custom queries, or advanced dashboards and analytics, Intentwise’s team of data experts can help. Our team is able to:

  • Envision, write, and validate custom SQL queries to extract unique insights from AMC
  • Build powerful visualizations and dashboards to make your analytics easier
  • Configure and setup your own data warehouse

How does Intentwise Explore make AMC easy?

Swipe the cards below to see some common problems faced by power users of AMC—and how Intentwise Explore can help. 

How do I run multiple queries across instances?
Power users of AMC have a lot of queries to run at once—often, across multiple instances. It’s a pain to toggle between each instance manually.
You don’t have to do it one at a time. With Intentwise Explore's Query Library, you can activate queries across multiple instances very quickly, without writing a line of SQL.
How do I schedule my queries in advance?
Results from AMC don’t always arrive quickly. Complex queries can take hours to return results.
Let’s say you want to run the same query every week or every month. In Intentwise, you can schedule a query to run every Monday at 1 a.m., so the results are always there when you need them.
How do I visualize my AMC outputs?
AMC datasets are massive, and it's not always intuitive to build reports that visualize the outputs.
To simplify the process, Intentwise Explore includes pre-built embedded dashboards, designed specifically for AMC.
You can access these best-in-class dashboards for AMC with a single click.
What if I want to customize my AMC visuals?
Our library of templates are designed with the most popular use cases of AMC in mind.
These templates are fully personalizable, and they help fast-track your custom dashboard building.
With a single click, you can export them to the visualization tool of your choice (Tableau, PowerBI, etc).
Can I pipeline my AMC outputs?
Running a query in AMC is only half the battle. Next, you have to download every query result as a .CSV file, then stitch it together by hand.
When you use Intentwise, you can choose to pipe the output into an industry-standard warehouse of your own.
Intentwise Explore is the most robust AMC data pipeline available.
What if I don’t have time to write my own queries?
Even if you have a team member who knows SQL, query writing at scale can be painstaking.
You have to spend hours envisioning, writing, and validating each new query.
Intentwise has taken the guesswork out of queries, with dozens available with only a single click.
What if I want to create a query from scratch?
Writing a new query is tricky. You need SQL knowledge, plus a deep knowledge of Amazon.
It's high stakes: A single error joining tables can throw your results off.
Luckily, it doesn't have to be so hard. Describe your use case, and our team will write and test a query for you, then add it to your personal query library.
How do I create audiences at scale?
Audience creation becomes cumbersome quickly. You have to pick a query, validate it, and push it to DSP—one at a time, for every account.
Intentwise can do this automatically. Pick an audience from our library, select a cadence, and watch as they appear in Amazon's DSP.
Multiple sub-brands in your AMC instance? No problem.
In a single AMC instance, you might have data for multiple sub-brands. What if you wanted to break down your results by sub-brands?
In Intentwise Explore, it's easy. We maintain a map of ad campaigns to your sub-brands, making it a breeze to aggregate results with custom dimensions for your data.

Get unrivaled access to Amazon Marketing Cloud today–without the need for SQL skills.

In this live demo, Intentwise CEO Sreenath Reddy shows you the ins and outs of Intentwise Explore, how to schedule queries, activate audiences, and visualize your results at scale.

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