Your Cheatsheet to Prosper Show 2024

If you attended Prosper Show 2024, no matter where you turned, you probably couldn’t escape the specter of e-commerce data. The Intentwise team was there in full force, and we visited numerous sessions and spoke to plenty of brand and agency owners.

Scroll to see behind-the-scenes photos from the event, hear our top takeaways, and register for an exciting opportunity to see our CEO Sreenath Reddy deliver his keynote from Prosper Show for a second time.

Behind the scenes of Prosper Show 2024

2024 was the biggest year ever for the Prosper Show, and our team certainly felt the energy in the room. Not only was there a big presence of marquee brands, but we also noticed that even the smaller sellers have become more sophisticated.

lntentwise customer dinner at Kumi. With Matt Snyder, Bernie Thompson, Sreenath Reddy, Josh Justice, and Keith Hamann.
Meet the Intentwise team, from left to right: Mohamed Khawatmi, Nile Sakr, Sreenath Reddy, Jake Wolpert, Shelby Ludtke, Ryan Burgess, Jason Chan, and Kenton Snyder.
lntentwise team dinner at Orla, with Jeff Cohen from Amazon.
The lntentwise booth was busy, all day, every day!
lntentwise client appreciation dinner with Jason Landro and Kristine Tedesco from Nectar.
Prosper 2024 was a big success.

What was the theme this year?

Great analytics is now one of the most in-demand skills around—and for good reason. Most brands and agencies have data streaming in from more sources than ever (Amazon, Walmart Connect, Shopify, and even TikTok Shop), across an ever-larger array of ad types.

Brands wanted to know how they could retain ownership of their data and use it to calculate critical metrics like profitability.

Agencies wanted to figure out how they can turn shopper data into powerful insights that help them stand out in a crowded marketplace.

So what’s the key to turning data into insights?

While there are a number of ways to build a good data strategy, investing in Amazon Marketing Cloud is one of the most powerful.

Amazon Marketing Cloud lets you uncover new insights about shopper behavior and the impacts of your ad campaigns. It also lets you unify your DTC and Amazon data.

This was the major topic that our CEO Sreenath Reddy spoke about at Prosper Show. His keynote on Advanced AMC strategies drew a packed house of over a hundred marketers. But if you didn’t make the show or the session, don’t worry: Because you’re here, we’re giving it to you for free. 

Register below to attend Reddy’s live re-run of his Prosper Show keynote, and start getting more mileage out of your data today. 

After you register, be sure to show up for the live session—attendees will be sent a copy of Reddy’s complete deck. 

Upcoming Webinar

April 4, 2024

The advanced user’s guide to Amazon Marketing Cloud

At the Prosper Show this month, our CEO Sreenath Reddy gave an advanced AMC tutorial to a packed room of over a hundred e-commerce leaders. If you missed the session, don’t worry: Now, we’re delivering it to you for free.
Sreenath Reddy

Want more exclusive insights from Prosper Show?

Intentwise spoke to several top e-commerce professionals about what’s in store this year on Walmart Connect, Amazon, and other key platforms. Be sure to stream our complete slate of episodes from Prosper Show below.