Product Update: New API and data connectors launched to simplify reporting
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Empowering advertisers and agencies with recommendations, automation, competitive intelligence, and simplified reporting for Amazon, Instacart, Target and more.

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Amazon and retail platforms change fast. We keep up for you.

Optimizing Amazon ads and retail media is an always-evolving endeavor, and understandably most advertisers don’t have the time or expertise to keep up. Intentwise provides automated recommendations about account structure, keyword targeting, product targeting, and more. You have a virtual expert at your side 24-7, so you never miss opportunities.

bid management

Get Your Bid Management Under Control

As ad spending grows, bid management has to be automated. But that doesn’t mean you need to lose control. We give you the flexibility of using our proprietary AI-based bidding algorithm or defining your own bid automation rules. You call the shots and get the results you want.


Know where you stand relative to competition

Competition on Amazon and other marketplaces  is relentless, and it’s easy to be so focused on your own data that you get hit from behind. We track the competition, so you know how to respond.

Are you an agency?

Grow your profit margins by managing more clients and delivering outstanding results with smaller teams.

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Automate your data collection and reporting. Get more insights than ever before.

Amazon data is siloed and fragmented, making data collection, tracking, and reporting a challenge. The Intentwise analytics platform removes the frustration by letting you rapidly collect data and build custom reports within your existing tools. You can focus on using the insights from your data, rather than just trying to manage it.

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Troubleshoot Performance Rapidly And Confidently

Troubleshooting performance can feel like a high-wire act. It’s nerve-wracking not knowing which lever to pull, but it doesn’t need to be. Intentwise makes the process quick and effective. Result: Your job gets a lot easier and you can lead with confidence.

You Don’t Need to Go It Alone

Amazon is changing all the time, and no one can succeed without help anymore. We obsess about customer service and voice of the customer. Our support efforts, live chats, webinars, and comprehensive knowledge base will show we are as committed to your success as you are. You will always have a trusted partner by your side.

"Huge help for reporting needs, valuable insights and amazing customer support"

Jennifer G
Sales & Marketing

“Top Notch Advertising Platform & Service”

Tim C
Director of E-Commerce

"Love the Product, Love the Company!"

Matt Jordan
Digital Marketing Strategist

"In Only 7 Months, Our Monthly Amazon Sales Increased By 40% While Reducing ACOS% From 60% To 35%"

Gerti M
Marketing Director

"Intentwise is a rare partner in Amazon advertising that builds profits with tools and insights"

Steve W

"Instrumental in helping us scale our business on Amazon"

Carl Murray
Marketing Director

"Very in depth Platform for Agencies and Manufacturers"

Clint G
Founder & CEO

"Most Versatile Yet Simplified and Elegant Platform I've Found"

Daniel S

"The best Amazon Advertising Platform for Agencies and large-scale advertisers"

Antonio E
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