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Intentwise is your cheatsheet to client performance. The most sophisticated agencies today rely on our suite of software solutions. Our platform is fast, flexible, and holistic: Only in Intentwise can you see the full portrait of client performance.

It’s the secret weapon in the arsenal of top agencies, helping them stand out amid the sea of Amazon service providers. Now it’s your turn to unlock the benefits.


Savvy ad management that can scale

Intentwise lets you manage ads for many different clients at once. Mix and match rules and AI bid strategies, and instantly identify the causes for swings in performance by examining our Contribution to Change % metrics.

Plus, find opportunities you might have missed: Our Recommendations engine will also give you a list of optimization suggestions every time you log in.


Prove the value in your campaign strategies

Intentwise makes it easy to visualize every single touchpoint that a shopper has with your clients. You no longer have to struggle to prove that your ad campaigns are working.

Clearly demonstrate the impact of your DSP campaigns by mapping out shopper paths to purchase, or measure hard-to-track KPIs like brand loyalty through Subscribe & Save data.

Amazon Marketing Cloud

Unlock deep insights without lifting a finger

Impress your clients with deep insights about New-To-Brand metrics or Customer Long-Term Value that they can’t find in the Amazon console. 

Choose from a library of custom queries and audiences for Amazon Marketing Cloud, schedule them to run across many client accounts at once, and sit back as Intentwise does the heavy lifting for you.

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AMZ Pathfinder

"I look at Intentwise like three legs of a stool."


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Marketplaces optimized by Intentwise Ecommerce Cloud

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"Intentwise has sped up our process significantly”


Hour saved per week on pulling data from Amazon


Growth in client YoY revenue

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Create dashboards tailored to your internal needs

With Intentwise, you can customize dashboards to fit seamlessly within your pre-existing operations. Break up metrics by brand, sub-brand, or product, and compare them across time periods of your choice using our period-over-period analyses.

Our team can also make something unique to you. Agencies have worked with Intentwise to place all of the brands they manage into a single dashboard, so they can quickly see which accounts need their attention.

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Benefit from our Advanced Amazon API Partner status

Intentwise works closely with the teams at Amazon on new betas and features, so our agency customers are always informed of what's changing. Take advantage of our status as an Advanced Amazon API Partner, and learn about the latest advertising and e-commerce technologies before your competitors.

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