Scale your business on Walmart Connect

The Intentwise Ad Optimizer helps ambitious brands and agencies supercharge their presence on Walmart Connect. Troubleshoot account performance, optimize ads with AI and machine learning, and benefit from advanced analytics across both ads and retail signals.

See a place for improvement? With automated rules, you can implement a change without leaving the Intentwise platform. 

Daily improvements

Log in to daily optimization recommendations

Let our machine learning algorithm take the stress out of bidding for you. Every day you log into your account, we’ll provide you with detailed bid recommendations to optimize your ad campaigns.

See a recommendation you like? Take action with a single click. 

Campaign Automation and Bulk Updates

Create and manage campaigns at scale. Automate and improve your campaigns, and increase efficiency with automated rules, alerts, and bulk keyword and product updates.

360-degree view

Build a holistic portrait of your Walmart account

Normally, your Walmart data is fractured across a number of reports. It can be hard to make sense of what’s going on. 

The Intentwise Ad Optimizer for Walmart displays organic sales data alongside your advertising performance. Quickly analyze how your ads performance impacts your total sales. 

Advanced controls. Top-notch tech.

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