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Advertising Product Report for Sponsored Display Campaigns

The Sponsored Display Advertising Product report is a valuable tool that offers in-depth sales and performance metrics for advertised products. It is available across all campaigns that have received at least one impression.

About The Report

Through the Sponsored Display Advertising Product report, advertisers gain a comprehensive understanding of how well their Sponsored Display ads are performing. Based on the insights from this report, brands can make data-driven adjustments to their bidding strategies if necessary.

The Sponsored Display Advertising Product includes data such as the number of impressions, click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, and total sales generated.

You can also compare this data based on where your Sponsored Display ad shows up. Remember, Sponsored Display ads materialize on both your brand’s own product pages and on your competitors’ pages. This report helps you understand how your performance differs across each type of product page.

By examining these key metrics, advertisers can assess the effectiveness of their Sponsored Display campaigns and identify areas for improvement.

Look for important disparities in these data points. If a particular product is receiving a high number of impressions but has a low conversion rate, advertisers may consider refining their targeting or optimizing the product listing to enhance its appeal to potential customers.

Identify top-performing categories. After analyzing the Sponsored Display Advertising Product report, brands may notice that certain product categories consistently outperform others in terms of conversion rates. Armed with this knowledge, advertisers can allocate their budget more effectively, prioritizing high-performing products and categories.

Look for successful product targets. Similarly, after studying this report, you might discover that specific targeting options might yield higher click-through rates.

How to Leverage the Reports

  1. Evaluate performance: The report provides a comprehensive view of the performance metrics for your advertised products across all campaigns. By analyzing data such as impressions, CTR, conversion rates, and sales, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your Sponsored Display ads. This evaluation allows you to identify top-performing products and campaigns as well as areas that require improvement.
  2. Optimize your categories and targets: The Sponsored Display report helps you understand which products, campaigns, and/or targeting options are generating the best results. Based on this information, you can allocate your budget more effectively.
  3. Access campaign and product insights: The report allows you to identify trends and patterns across campaigns and products. You can uncover correlations between product categories, targeting options, and performance metrics. These insights help you refine your targeting, messaging, and product assortment for better results.

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