Intentwise Integrates with Amazon Marketing Stream


Last week, Amazon launched Amazon Marketing Stream (Beta), which allows ecommerce professionals to act on near-real-time information. We’re thrilled about the impact this new feature will have on our customers.

Previously, the only mechanism for Intentwise to work with Amazon ads was a pull-based API, which means we grabbed data at regular intervals. Unfortunately, this means it’s hard to catch events as they happen, such as when campaigns run out of budgets or Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) become ineligible for advertising.

With Amazon Marketing Stream, Intentwise can subscribe to event notifications as they occur. The notifications include hourly data and budget changes, but also has the potential to extend to other kinds of retail events such as dropping inventory levels, badging changes, price changes, and more. Three data sets are currently available:

  • Hourly traffic data by keyword and placement (reporting data)
  • Hourly conversion data by keyword and placement (reporting data)
  • Real-time notifications on budget consumption (messaging data)

Intentwise is already integrated with the publish/subscribe design of Amazon Marketing Stream, and will be rolling out features shortly to add additional value through our recommendation engine, bidding engine, automation engine, and Intentwise Analytics. The implications and potential use case of Amazon Marketing Stream include:

Time of day can now be input into bid optimization.

Before this update, it was difficult to determine if day-parting tactics were working. With average cost-per-click (CPC) and conversion rate data by the hour, this has become possible. (Currently, this is only available for Sponsored Products campaigns.)

Out-of-budget scenarios can be avoided.

Amazon Marketing Stream provides a near-real-time signal for every 5% of budget consumption on a campaign, allowing for adjustments to avoid out-of-budget scenarios.

Keyword metrics can be examined by placement.

Running single-keyword campaigns was the only way to get to this in the past. As catalogs get large, this can become an unwieldy campaign structure.

Learn more about Intentwise Analytics, our ecommerce data stack.


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