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The Amazon Marketing Cloud Strategy Guide

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), Amazon’s new analytics platform, connects together every interaction that shoppers have with your brand. It’s the only way to build a holistic portrait of customer behavior.  

With AMC, you can analyze shopper paths to purchase, map out how your ads work in tandem to convert shoppers, and then group shoppers into custom audiences that you can target with DSP ads. 

But how do you know if you’re ready for AMC? And when you are ready, how do you use AMC effectively? What are the best queries and audiences to start with? 

We hear these questions all the time. To help answer them, we built the ultimate strategy document for AMC.

Download our white paper now, and get answers on:

The key AMC terms to know

The events you can track in AMC

The insights you can pull from AMC

Best practices for AMC

Common challenges with AMC

Connecting 1P data to AMC

What’s the deal with Paid Features?

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