Introducing Intentwise Analytics, Our Ecommerce Data Stack


Since we launched our original Amazon ad optimization platform, we have been solving data problems for our clients—and we have noticed some patterns. Many companies collect their Amazon data through error-prone, time-consuming manual processes, and some companies even rely on constant upkeep by engineers to help navigate changes to Amazon’s application programming interfaces (APIs). Ecommerce companies spend too much time just collecting their data, and too little time doing something with the data. Under-leveraging this data translates to wasted time, and most crucially, wasted growth opportunities.

In response to this common data problem, we have been hard at work developing our latest offering, Intentwise Analytics, which we’re now formally announcing to the ecommerce world. Intentwise Analytics is an out-of-the-box Amazon and ecommerce data infrastructure designed to help mid-to-large-scale sellers, vendors, agencies, and aggregators address their data needs and scale rapidly. In just a few steps, the platform unlocks a gold mine of ecommerce data. Intentwise Analytics’s features include comprehensive, automated data collection and seamless integration with reporting tools and data warehouses.

“Consumer’s purchase decisions on Amazon or any ecommerce marketplace are influenced by so many different factors, such as reviews, delivery dates, and content quality,” says Sreenath Reddy, Intentwise’s chief executive officer and co-founder. “To win in ecommerce, brands and agencies have to corral disparate datasets, make sense of them, and act on them in their own unique way. Having a sound data strategy is essential. And Intentwise Analytics is designed to help you accelerate your data strategy.”

Getting Started with Intentwise Analytics

Getting started with Intentwise Analytics is straightforward. New customers can set up the necessary connections in just a few minutes, and then the Intentwise platform will automatically begin pulling in their critical data. From there, Intentwise Analytics enhances and reorganizes the data, and customers can further enrich the data with tagging, brand vs. non-brand segmentation and product grouping. All of this is designed to make it easy for teams to report, analyze, and segment the data.

“Building and maintaining an Amazon/ecommerce data infrastructure that deals with massive amounts of data is not a trivial task,” says Raghu Kashyap, Intentwise’s chief technology officer and co-founder. “With Intentwise Analytics, you can now focus on solving your business problems, while we help with the data management and easy accessibility of your fragmented data.”

Intentwise Analytics customers can choose to have their data accessible in two ways. Data can be available via a cloud data store and customers can connect to it with tools such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, or Microsoft Excel, or Intentwise Analytics can send the data to a customer’s data warehouse automatically, on a daily basis. Additionally, customers can kick-start their dashboards with pre-built reporting templates. Intentwise also offers services to build out bespoke dashboards.

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