Amazon Advertising New Features

Amazon recently introduced some much-awaited features that will make advertisers’ jobs easier and more efficient. Here’s a snapshot of some of the new features:

  1. Campaign names can now be edited.
  2. All existing campaigns in Vendors will get a default adGroup with the name adGroup1 (Name can be changed). Additional adGroups can be added to existing campaigns.
  3. The addition of negative keywords to SB campaigns is now supported.
  4. SB product targeting campaigns can be created.
  5. SB bid recommendations for keywords and PAT(Product Attribute Targeting) are now available.
  6. The monthly budget at the portfolio level will renew after each month automatically.
  7. Daily budgets at SB campaigns are now calculated as an average over a month.
  8. SD interest audience reporting is now available.
  9. SB campaigns have new metrics available for units, orders, detail page views.

Read our post “Search-Terms Now Available for Product Targeting Campaigns” for tips on how to use this new feature. 

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