ChatGPT: Real or Just a Fad?



“ChatGPT, is it just a fad?”

I have been asked this question many times in the past few days and wanted to share my perspective.

We have been surrounded by AI for quite some time now, often in ways we don’t even recognize. A ubiquitous example is the auto-suggest feature when texting someone on your cell phone. Did you ever notice that over time, we got to a point where we could belt out entire sentences without ever typing a letter? That is AI at work. AI which has been learning every day and improving as we use it.

AI is Everywhere

ChatGPT’s underlying tech has been around for a bit. The big boys in the space (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, etc.) have invested in this area for a while. Google’s Lamda, IBM’s Watson, and Amazon’s Alexa are earlier examples of this technology.

ChatGPT made this technology easily accessible and fun for the masses over the past few months. By doing so, they acquired a ton of users who are helping to improve their product every time they use it; a luxury that the likes of Google and Amazon have had for a while. I have jokingly said that many of my friends and family members have turned into willing testers and trainers of ChatGPT. The fancy tech term for this is “Reinforcement Learning From Human Feedback (RLHF)”.

What is New?

While AI has been around for years, the applications being built are rapidly progressing from structured data (largely numeric) to more and more unstructured data (Text, Images, Video). It is safe to assume that this tech will become more and more accessible to all of us.

What Does it Mean for You?

The question is, are you, as an organization, ready to use and benefit from it, or will you get left behind? There is a foundational/essential element required in order for AI to work for you. The more data you have, the better AI works for you. Without high quality, reliable, and consistent signals of data informing your AI, it will never learn and get better.

The critical question I would ask today is, do you own all of your Amazon data? Both structured and unstructured? If not, keep working towards the answer of “YES.” Only then can you truly benefit from all the AI advancements coming at you.

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