Amazon Prime Day 2020 Dos and Don’ts For Advertisers

Amazon recently announced that Prime Day 2020 will run on October 13 and 14. Here are five last-minute items to keep in mind.

Avoid running out of budgets.

Raise campaign budgets by 2 to 3 times regular days. Keep a close eye on campaigns throughout the day and ensure that they don’t run out of budgets. Running out of budget and going dark will imply that competitors can come in at cheaper CPCs and grab sales.

Avoid basic misses: Products, Keywords, Product Targets.

While this is obvious, we see this mistake all the time. Please ensure that there are no Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) missing from advertising campaigns. Ensure that each ASIN is in play in all campaign types. Plug keywords and product target gaps between Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brands campaigns.

Avoid run-away spend in auto campaigns.

If a product is on deal of the day, and ACOS is a critical objective, we recommend pausing the ASIN in auto campaigns. Spend levels increase significantly in auto campaigns when an ASIN is on deal-of-day, and ACOS is impacted negatively. When the deal is done, be sure to unpause the ASIN.

Raise bids on keywords that are important to you

If there are keywords that you’d like to own in terms of position, we recommend raising bids on them going into prime day by 1.5 to 2X.

Protect your brand term, but to a limit

Expect competitors to hijack your brand terms, especially for the premium top of the search Sponsored Brands position. Defend your brand terms, but only to the extent that you can support the spend. You may be competing with advertisers who are willing to pay really high CPCs to capture your brand. You could burn through a lot of ads spend in such a scenario.

Read our post “A Guide to Optimizing Amazon Sponsored Products Placement” to understand how you can leverage this PPC ads option to reach relevant shoppers and build your brand.

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