How to Revoke Amazon Advertising API Access for 3rd Party Tools

Revoke Amazon Advertising API access from third-party tools is something that most brands/sellers or agencies forget. Many times we end up evaluating different tools and/or moving from one tool to another. One of the common things to forget in this process is NOT to remove…

Provide Access to Your Amazon Seller Central Account

Amazon Auth

In order to gather data and manage campaigns, agencies and/or technology partners may access to your Amazon Seller Central account. There are two ways to provide access depending on what you want to achieve…

Guide to Manage Access on Vendor Central Portal

If you want your technology partner or agency to help you with the sales data from within vendor central, you will have to enable access to the vendor central portal. Once you are able to log in to the vendor central account, under the Settings menu, you will find “Manage Permissions”.

How To Enable Permissions In Your Amazon Vendor Account

Amazon Marketing Services Login

In order to get a vendor/agency up and running to help manage campaigns or to analyze performance data, you will need to give them access to your Amazon Advertising account. This brief post outlines all the required steps.

Your Guide To Setting Up Amazon Account Management

Amazon Advertising access

Before you can start working on Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) ads, you need to familiarize yourself with the Amazon account management environment. Read below for the basics of setting up your dashboard.