Amazon Launches Sponsored Display Product Targeting



Amazon recently added Sponsored Display Product Targeting for US sellers. This feature helps brands reach shoppers through auto-generated ad placements that appear alongside customer reviews, shopping results pages, or on the far right side of product detail pages of similar or complementary products. In addition to occupying prime real estate on competitor’s pages, these product targeting ads can carry deals and savings badges to attract shoppers. You can also separate them from regular keyword targets.

Why You Should be Using Sponsored Display Product Targeting

Last year we had published a post about why Sponsored Display ads are a powerful tool for any brand to build brand/product awareness on and off Amazon. With this new feature, brands can drive page views through product targeting and then retarget audiences who viewed a product detail page but didn’t make a purchase. This offers several benefits:

1. Boost product discovery: You can now improve competitor targeting by placing your ad on product detail pages of similar products or on product category pages. This will help you get discovered by shoppers who have shown an intent to buy your product.

2. Enable cross-selling and up-selling: Imagine you sell mobile phones. Product targeting placements can allow you to surface an ad for earphones that are compatible with the mobile phone.

3. Facilitate remarketing: Product targeting has been proven effective in improving product detail page views. This, in turn, allows you to remarket your product to a larger audience on and off Amazon.

In addition, Amazon offers more campaign controls and reporting metrics with this feature to help you optimize your performance advertising strategy.

Read our post “A Guide to Optimizing Amazon Sponsored Products Placement” to understand how to leverage this powerful advertising placement option to increase visibility and sales. 


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