Intentwise’s CEO, Sreenath Reddy hosted Rohan Thambrahalli from DimeTyd for an in-depth conversation about the importance of accounts reconciliation for Amazon Vendors.
There are many tools that are used to connect to the Database. In this blog, we would like to call out the ideal ones based on certain criteria for the client tools. We were mainly focusing on...
Certification is a very debatable concept among Analysts, Developers, and Practitioners. We will try to keep that debate for another day and in this current blog focus on how you can prepare, signup and get Adwords certification.
Authentication within any web application is an important aspect and cannot be taken lightly. There are many aspects that need to be considered such as security, maintainability, usability. Ruby on Rails provides various authentication frameworks in the form of gems like...
By now you would have read or heard about the security bug that impacted Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a CDN that is used by a lot of companies to better serve static content and also to handle DDOS and other features to better protect their website.
One of the motivational factors here at Intentwise is the boundary that we work within by dividing tasks daily, or on a weekly and monthly basis. This forces prioritization and re-prioritization on a regular basis so that at any given point, the task at hand is always important.
Managing time is a challenge for most people. However, every successful leader has mastered this art and constantly improvises. Here are a few things that I personally follow and have proved to be very effective. The same principles could be applied for your marketing needs.
Recently there was a news article about Yahoo’s security breach, in which billions of account details were compromised. This is NOT the first time and this will also NOT be the last time security of a company is breached and all the details are compromised.
The first time we heard about this concept was in 2006 from Neal Ford. At that time the concept was new and developers were not comfortable with this. However, over time we have realized that it is very subjective on how organizations and developers feel about polyglot programming.