Intentwise Integrates with Amazon Marketing Stream

CEO Sreenath Reddy outlines three potential implications and use cases of the new Amazon Marketing Stream.
Recently Amazon released a new UI enhancement where you can download campaign level aggregate data for the past 60 days with some level of data segmentation. The field will appear at the top right of the screen and is a dropdown field called “Date Range".
When you sign-in to AMS, you will occasionally see notification banner messages at the top of the screen. These notifications are how Amazon will notify you about key information they want you to see right away, such as running out of budgets.
If you want your technology partner or agency to help you with the sales data from within vendor central, you will have to enable access to the vendor central portal. Once you are able to log in to the vendor central account, under the Settings menu, you will find “Manage Permissions”.
It has been a few weeks since the bulk operations feature was introduced in AMS. This feature lets you make mass updates easily, taking away the pain of individual changes. We would like to share a few preliminary learnings about this feature.