Google Academy for Ads and Adwords Certification


Previously we talked about how you can earn Google Adwords certification. Google is now moving all courses and certifications to the Academy for Ads interface. So what does this mean to you?

First and foremost, all your existing and unexpired certifications will remain intact. All your information automatically moves over to your new profile on the Academy. If you are planning on taking certification exams post-Jan 2018 then you will be writing this exam in the Academy portal and not the partner site portal.

The requirements and content for the exam do not change. You can read more about this here. Below is an excerpt from Google

  • Academy for Ads is a Google training program that you can use to grow your advertising skills. It‚Äôs for anyone who uses Google ads, like AdWords, or DoubleClick. When you sign up, you‚Äôll be able to access online courses any time from any¬†device.
  • If you don‚Äôt have an Academy for Ads account, you‚Äôll need to sign up for Academy for Ads and create an account using your Google Account. If you already have an Academy for Ads account, you can sign in to it and access your exam and certification information in the ‚ÄúMy Profile‚Ä̬†section.

Read our post “Google Ads 101. A Simple guide to learn about Adwords” for a quick primer on how to use Google Adwords.


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