3 Critical Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Success


Happy Thanksgiving!  We hope you find these tips from our experts helpful to achieve Black Friday and Cyber Monday success.

Here are Intentwise tips to maximize your Amazon Advertising returns during these high impact sales:

Don’t run out of campaign budgets

Running out of budgets on campaigns means you are leaving money on the table. We have seen spend on these days shoot up 300% to 400 %. Raise your budgets to appropriate levels. Keep an eye during the day and tweak as necessary.

Ensure no ASINs are missing in your campaigns

If you are optimizing campaigns, you are moving things around throughout the year. It is common to have a few ASINs missing from your campaigns, and you may not be aware. Run a quick comparison of overall sales and advertising sales at the ASIN level for the last 30 days and ensure that all of the ASINs are in play in your campaigns.

Check for missing Keywords from your campaigns

Just like missing ASINs, you could be missing keywords as well. Do a quick comparison of last November’s and this November’s performance at the keyword level and ensure that there are no apparent gaps.



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