Leverage ASINs that Show Up in Auto Campaign Search Terms


Tip of the week ASINs in Auto Campaigns

Ever wondered why you see Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) in your auto campaign search term report, especially knowing that shoppers don’t necessarily search by ASINs? 

Here is why. 

When your Sponsored Product auto campaign ads show-up on a product details page, Amazon shares the ASIN of that particular product as a search term.  These ASINs could be your competitor’s or your own.

You can leverage this information for optimization in a couple of ways:

  1. Test revenue-driving competitor ASINs from your auto campaign search terms in product targeting campaigns.
  2. Negative match ASINs that are consuming spend but underperforming.

Read our Tip of the Week “You Could be Missing ASINs in Your Campaigns” to address gaps in ASINs in your auto and manual campaigns. We also have a roundup of other common Amazon advertising mistakes here.


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