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With Intentwise Analytics Cloud, your team can automate the collection, reporting, and analysis of Amazon data and level up your execution.

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Watch how Intentwise Analytics Cloud helped BACtrack enrich and organize data across all accounts in a single view


Unlock More Amazon Data, Automatically

Competing effectively on Amazon requires your team to harness as much data as possible. Intentwise Analytics Cloud expands the breadth of your data and automates the collection of it.

Supported sources include:


Build Dashboards in the Tools of Your Choice

Quickly build custom dashboards for your team and clients without worrying about the underlying data, with our automatic data integration. You can even get a head start with our pre-built templates.

Supported tools include:


Send Data Wherever You Need It

Your critical Amazon data is your company’s crown jewel—take ownership of it. Our platform can send the data to wherever you need it.

Supported destinations include:

Do You Have an Effective Data Strategy to Win on Amazon?

In this webinar, our CEO Sreenath Reddy shares best practices, frameworks, and pitfalls around managing your Amazon data effectively.

How to Get Started with Intentwise Analytics Cloud
Step 1

Connect your account to the Intentwise platform.

Step 2

Configure your data sources and destinations, including reporting tools and data warehouses.

Step 3

Build out your reports and dashboards. Leverage our pre-built templates, or create your own.

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