Product Update: New API and data connectors launched to simplify reporting
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Retail-Aware Ad Optimization

Manage your team’s ad spend at scale across Amazon and other retailers with Intentwise Ad Optimizer. The platform provides advertisers with automated recommendations, AI- and rules-based flexible bid management, insights on competitors, and unmatched customer service.

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Keep Up with Changes on Amazon and Retail Platforms

Best practices for Amazon ads and retail media are always evolving. Intentwise Ad Optimizer provides automated recommendations about account structure, keyword targeting, product targeting, and more.


Automate and Customize—It’s Up to You

With Intentwise Ad Optimizer, you don’t need to lose control as your team’s ad spending grows and you automate your bid management. We give your team the flexibility of using our proprietary AI-based bidding algorithm or defining your own bid automation rules.


Know Where You Rank

Competition on Amazon and other marketplaces is relentless, and it’s easy to focus on your team’s own data. We track the competition, so you know how to respond.


Rapidly Troubleshoot, with Confidence

Performance fluctuations happen. Intentwise Ad Optimizer helps your team solve these issues quickly and effectively.

Are you an agency?

Grow your profit margins by managing more clients and delivering outstanding results with smaller teams.

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