Hibernate Envers and Spring Boot with Multiple Data Sources

Hibernate Envers and Spring Boot with Multiple Data Sources

The Hibernate Envers project aims to enable easy auditing of Persistent classes.  It completely takes away the hassles of auditing an entity. The section below outlines the high-level steps to configure Envers with Spring boot using…

Behaviour Driven Development and Testing in Rails

TTD Testing driven development

Testing is an important aspect of software development. One of the approaches followed by many developers is Test-driven development (TDD). It’s the approach where you start with a test and build your code accordingly while improving your test coverage.

Continuous Integration Delivery and Deployment

CI CD Approach

Often times you see a lot of companies focus on this as an afterthought. The fundamental principle with CI/CD would be to help any organization to innovate faster and deliver functionalities faster to your customers.

To Cloud or NOT to Cloud

Cloud computing

There have been numerous debates on whether businesses should go on cloud or not for a while now. There are some considerations to ponder over before you make this decision.

Front-end Browser Debugging

firefox developer tool

There are numerous tools out there in the market and picking the right tool to help you troubleshoot an issue or understand the underlying workings is very important. We would like to share a few tools which benefited us while we were troubleshooting issues.

Database Migration


It’s a great place to be when your initial platform is ready to scale and having performance issues. This clearly shows that we are growing and in the process making the right decisions in choosing and building our platform.

Database Connection Tools

Team SQL DB Client

There are many tools that are used to connect to the Database. In this blog, we would like to call out the ideal ones based on certain criteria for the client tools. We were mainly focusing on…

Rails Authentication Frameworks

Authentication frameworks

Authentication within any web application is an important aspect and cannot be taken lightly. There are many aspects that need to be considered such as security, maintainability, usability. Ruby on Rails provides various authentication frameworks in the form of gems like…

Cloudflare security bug

Intentwise Featured Img

By now you would have read or heard about the security bug that impacted Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a CDN that is used by a lot of companies to better serve static content and also to handle DDOS and other features to better protect their website.