Amazon Case Study: Intentwise’s Formula To Win Customers & Enhance Reach

Amazon has introduced many new capabilities around Sponsored Display ads in 2021. Intentwise was recently recognized by Amazon for its Sponsored Display campaigns to expand audiences. Here is a snippet from their blog post:

This is truly a testament to the speed at which Intentwise adopts these new capabilities and helps advertisers unlock value. It’s great to see the results from the partnership with Grosche (a coffee and tea accessories company) and TeeTurtle (a toy and game company) being featured on the Amazon Advertising blog.

If you’re an Amazon advertiser or agency looking to get a lot more out of your Amazon ad spend, feel free to connect with us.

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About Intentwise:

Intentwise is an Amazon Advertising / Retail Media optimization platform. Intentwise’s industry-leading technology platform provides impactful recommendations, automation, and analytics to amplify advertising performance for brands, sellers, and agencies.

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