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unBoxed 2023

The Intentwise team has been out in full force at Amazon unBoxed. This morning, during the unBoxed keynote address, we got to hear some of Amazon’s biggest advertising announcements up close.

One of the themes from this conference is to “reinvent what’s possible,” a commitment that spans Sponsored Ads, DSP, AMC, generative AI, and more. 

Long story short: Amazon is rolling out a series of exciting updates. If you weren’t in the room, and you want to know the key takeaways, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

We wrote up a quick guide to the biggest announcements. On Monday, we’ll be following up with some deeper analyses of these announcements and what they might mean for you. 

But for now, here’s what you absolutely need to know:

New Sponsored Ads type: Sponsored TV 

One of the most exciting announcements is the addition of a new ad type to Amazon’s Sponsored Ads stack: Sponsored TV. 

Previously, accessing Amazon’s streaming TV ads required spending on DSP, which usually meant a minimum commitment of tens of thousands of dollars per month. Now, with Sponsored TV, anyone can run a streaming TV ad. 

There’s no minimum campaign spend requirement. Amazon does, however, suggest a daily campaign budget of $150-$250. 

Don’t have creative assets that are ready for streaming TV? Amazon’s creative services can build it for you, using your existing assets. 

Where will Sponsored TV ads appear? 

For now, Sponsored TV ads will reach shoppers on:

  • Freevee
  • Twitch
  • Fire TV apps 

What attribution metrics are available? 

You will be able to measure performance based on: 

  • Ad-attributed brand searches 
  • Product detail page views

What are the targeting options? 

Amazon says you will be able to reach shoppers based on: 

  • Lifestyle interest, such as cooking or home improvement
  • Product category interests

AI-generated ad images are here

Amazon also teased that it would be rolling out generative AI for ad creative. 

How does it work? As an example, you might have a photo of your product against a white background. 

With generative AI, according to Amazon, you can put it against a more dynamic background—place it in a kitchen or a living room, for example. 

Not happy with the results? Tweak the image further with text prompts. 

Speedier metrics are coming to DSP

On the DSP side, there are two major updates. 

Predictive DSP advertising. DSP is about to get a lot more automated. If you’re struggling to figure out which audiences to target, you now have the option of letting DSP take on some of the lift for you. Set a KPI, and then let DSP bid for you. 

Hourly DSP metrics. Amazon Marketing Stream (AMS) provides hourly data for SP, SB, and SD ads. Now, DSP is being added to that list. In other words, you can now daypart with DSP. 

KPIs are getting more sophisticated

Previously, advertisers could previously only see New-To-Brand data when a shopper purchased a product. 

Now, Amazon is introducing a new category of New-To-Brand Consideration metrics that allow you to track New-To-Brand shoppers that visit a product page or add a product to cart after seeing an ad.

Amazon Marketing Cloud is getting easier to use

The big update to Amazon Marketing Cloud, meanwhile, is a feature called Template Analytics. Template Analytics makes it easier to run queries, and then map out the results.  

With Template Analytics, choose from a small set of pre-written AMC queries, and then let Amazon graph out the results for you.

Some of the starting templates include:

  • Sponsored Ads and DSP Overlap
  • Path to Conversion by Campaign Groups
  • DSP Path to Conversion by Device
  • Reach and Impression Frequency
  • DSP Impression Frequency and Conversions

These templates are exciting—but they are static, and they only cover a few specific use cases for now. 

Want to run and schedule queries, and then create customizable templates, at scale? Intentwise Explore has plenty more pre-set templates for you, and you can customize them as needed to sync with your existing reporting tools.


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