The storyline we are following at Prosper Show 2023


The storyline

This week, we’ll be at Prosper Show, one of the biggest conferences for Amazon and Walmart marketplace sellers. 

From March 13-15, experienced e-commerce sellers, agencies, and solutions providers will descend on Las Vegas to exchange insights about retail media, shipping & logistics, and more. 

What did we learn from previous renditions of Prosper Show? 

Each year, Prosper Show tends to have one overarching takeaway: 

  • 2021, for instance, was undoubtedly the year of the Amazon aggregator. Thrasio set up a booth, and Acquco memorably passed out shirts that proclaimed “Refer a Seller, get a Tesla.” 
  • Coming off the worst of the global shipping delays, 2022 focused heavily on optimizing supply chains and cutting down on product returns.
  • 2023 is still a question mark—but judging by the lineup so far, e-commerce insiders will have profitability on their minds. 

What we have our eye on this year:

It’s no secret that we are in a period of slowing e-commerce growth, following the explosion in 2020 and recent uncertainty in the economy. 

That means brands are thinking a lot more about how to grow more sustainably—in other words, how to turn profits. 

Profitability seems likely to become the theme of this year’s event. A number of the presentations we are looking forward to at Prosper will focus on ways to drive growth more cost effectively. 

To name just a few themes: 

  • Reducing shipping costs across the supply chain
  • Streamlining operations to pad out profit margins
  • Using visuals and visual content to convert consumers without as much ad spending

And if you’re coming to Prosper Show, the Intentwise team would love to meet you

We will be at booth number 1232. Come stop by! We’d love to meet you and talk about your Amazon and Ecommerce data challenges. 

Sreenath Reddy, Intentwise CEO, will also be speaking on Tuesday, March 14 at 3:10 on how unifying your fragmented data sources across Amazon can help you make smarter decisions about your retail media ad spend—and, of course, increase profitability in the long run. 

What else we’re reading this week:

  • A new Bloomberg article, “Walmart Chips Away at Amazon’s Lead in a Key Area: Wealthy Online Shoppers,” features commentary from Intentwise CEO Sreenath Reddy. In the article, Sreenath told Bloomberg, “I think Walmart+ is about more than just handing savings to people.” Rather, “It’s connecting the online and offline world in a way that wasn’t possible before.”
  • Want to understand how Amazon’s Selling Partner API can give you a clearer view of your business? Sreenath breaks it down for readers over on the Amazon Advertising blog
  • Walmart’s U.S. ad revenues will grow 42% in 2023, according to a recent forecast from Insider Intelligence.


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