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Amazon Seller Central Business Report

Amazon's Seller Central Business Reports are combinations of high account-level aggregated reports that provide insightful statistics and help devise advertising strategies.

About The Report

Amazon's Seller Central Business Reports are combinations of high account-level aggregated reports that provide insightful statistics and help devise advertising strategies. This feature is available only to sellers with a professional selling plan.

Sellers can find Business Reports under the Reports tab in Amazon Seller Central.

There are different reporting capabilities available in the Business Reports:

  • Sales Dashboard
  • Sales and Traffic
  • Detail Page Sales and Traffic
  • Brand Performance

The left carousel on the Business Reports tab highlights the above-listed reports, and the right navigation bar showcases the respective data of the selected report.

An important point to remember for Business Reports is that the data for these reports is available for up to two years.

Sales Dashboard: The Sales Dashboard gives an overview (in both graphs and tables) of Ordered Product Sales, Ordered Units, etc. Sellers can also compare metrics across days, weeks, and years.

Sales and Traffic: The Sales and Traffic report is an aggregated account-level report showcasing key metrics such as Sales, Orders, and Sessions, for a specified time frame, such as daily, weekly, monthly, and customizable date ranges. The report also highlights Total Orders and Total Sessions with graphics.

Detail Page Sales and Traffic: This, by far, is the most granular report in the Business Reports section of Seller Central. This report provides data at the Parent-ASIN as well as Child-ASIN level. Yet another aspect of the report is that it is measured and/or reported "By Date" as well as "By ASIN." The Detail Page Sales and Traffic report (By ASIN) highlights the product-level performance in a detailed fashion. Conversely, the Detail Page Sales and Traffic reports’ (By Date) key highlight is Total Page Views. Like other reports, this report also has a customizable date range option—daily, weekly, and monthly.

Brand Performance: The Brand Performance report is an ASIN-specific report that exhibits four important metrics by each ASIN—Average Customer Review, Number of Customer Reviews, Sales Rank, and Featured Offer (Buy Box Percentage) based on the custom date range option.

How to Leverage the Reports

  1. Featured Offer (Buy Box) Percentage: Since the buy box percentage is available at the ASIN level and with a customizable date range, the report can be leveraged to find out which ASINs have the most buy box percentage in a specified timeframe and the ones that have poor buy box percentage. Sellers can then work on improving ASINs with poor buy box percentages.
  2. Measure Traffic: Products with higher session and page views are also the most frequently found products by customers. Sellers can use the Page Views and Sessions metrics to understand frequently found products, as well as those with low sessions and page-views that need the most attention.
  3. Growth Opportunities and Total Potential Sales Lift: Sellers can use this feature in the Detailed page sales and traffic – By ASIN to see tailored recommendations by Amazon to grow their products on Amazon (such as providing B2B discounts to help grow sales). The Potential Sales lift estimate is based on factors such as sales lift experienced by other sellers after completing the growth opportunities' recommended actions on similar products.

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