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What We’ll Cover

The strength of your brand identity can be the edge you need over your competitors. You can’t beat every single competitor on price alone—but price isn’t everything when your brand stands for quality and innovation. 

Whether you’re selling on Amazon, Walmart, or your DTC site, you want to ensure you are crafting SEO-optimized pages that also help elevate your brand. 

If you created a new sub-industry, tell the story of why. If you’re in a crowded field, prove that you’re different. 

In this webinar, Emma Schermer Tamir, CEO of Marketing by Emma, will show brands how to craft compelling listings and content that position them for success. 

Learn how to:

Assess your competitive landscape to identify opportunity gaps
Identify your target customers for more compelling marketing
Ask the right questions to hone your unique brand voice 
Utilize leading branding techniques to impact your bottom line

Register now, and join us April 25 at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST

On-Demand Webinar: The Vendor Central Data Cheatsheet


February 29, 2024

On-Demand Webinar: The Vendor Central Data Cheatsheet

In this webinar, Andrew Hamada, co-founder of Reason Automation, helped us map the universe of Vendor Central data.
February 29, 2024
Ryan Burgess

Many 1P brands know that data analysis in Vendor Central is painstaking. Vendor Central offers fewer APIs than Seller Central, making it difficult to ingest data at scale. 

Even calculating key metrics is tedious. So how do you get around these challenges? In this webinar, Andrew Hamada, co-founder of Reason Automation, helped us map the universe of Vendor Central data. 

He discussed the best practices for managing VC data, like: 

How to watch out for nuances of VC data. To avoid data errors, vendors have to factor in nuances around time zone and time period, lag times, and data from Rapid Retail Analytics that can be difficult to validate.

Why Amazon so frequently changes historical data: While both vendors and sellers will notice their historical data shifts without warning, these changes are especially stark for vendors. Traffic reports often change as Amazon cleans up bot traffic. So do sales reports. 

When you’re a vendor and a customer returns a product, in fact, Amazon actually removes a sale from your sales report. This can make your accounting difficult if you’re not careful. 

So how do you simplify the process? Stream the full webinar now to find out. 

Ryan Burgess
Head of Growth, Intentwise
Ryan is the Head of Growth at Intentwise leading the sales and marketing strategies. He has over 10 years of Amazon Advertising experience and is an expert at all things related to Amazon.

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