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On-Demand Webinar: The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Product Launch on Amazon


August 24, 2023

On-Demand Webinar: The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Product Launch on Amazon

From A/B testing your listing to leveraging the Brand Referral Bonus, Joshua Rawe of eSpark highlights the best practices for product launches.
August 24, 2023
Sreenath Reddy​

Launching a new product on Amazon is never an easy task. In order to supercharge your sales, you need to build up a base of customer reviews, plan out promotions and bundling opportunities, A/B test your creative assets, and leverage Amazon traffic referral programs like Brand Referral Bonus. 

It’s a lot, right? 

In this webinar, Joshua Rawe, founder of eSpark, talks you through the key strategies for mastering all aspects of the product launch.

He discusses: 

Savvy ways to boost your review count

Reviews are critical to your position in Amazon’s search results. But only about 1.5% of customers organically review a product they purchase. That means you need to take action in order to grow your review count. 

You can: 

  • Leverage Amazon review programs like Vine.
  • Run email campaigns targeted to only your most engaged direct-to-consumer buyers, referring those customers back to Amazon. Then, follow up later with emails encouraging them to leave a review on Amazon. There are two benefits here: 1) You get more reviews from customers who already like you, and 2) You benefit from Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus. 

How to troubleshoot your product page 

Want to know if your product page is hitting all the right points? Run a low-cost automated ad campaign shortly after your launch to find out. 

Then, see where Amazon is surfacing your ads. If Amazon is recommending inaccurate keywords or product targets, it might mean your listing is giving off the wrong impression. 

The importance of Amazon’s “honeymoon phase”

When you launch a new product, Amazon will rank it disproportionately high in search results, even though you have few reviews. 

That’s in part for Amazon to determine the potential of your product. Amazon’s algorithm judges the potential success of the product, and inflates its standing temporarily to see how it performs. Be aware of these natural swings in ranking as you launch.

Sreenath Reddy​
CEO, Founder
Sreenath is the founder of Intentwise. He has over 20 years of experience in digital advertising and data analytics. He is an expert at all things related to Amazon advertising.

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