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Automate the collection, reporting, and analysis of Amazon data and level up your Amazon execution.

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Collect A Lot More Amazon Data, Automatically

Competing effectively on Amazon requires you to harness as much Amazon data as possible. Intentwise expands the breadth of your Amazon data and automates the collection of it.

Supported sources include: Amazon Advertising, Vendor Central, Seller Central, Marketplace Intelligence Data.

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Build Dashboards In The Tools Of Your Choice

Build robust dashboards for your teams and/or clients with tools of your choice without worrying about the underlying data. Intentwise automates the integration of the data. Intentwise’s pre-built templates help you get a head-start and build out dashboards quickly. You get the benefits of both quickness and customization.

Supported tools include: Tableau, Google Data Studio, Excel, Power BI.


Send Data Wherever You Need It

Your data is your crown jewels. Take ownership of critical Amazon data. Intentwise can send data wherever you need it.

Supported destinations include: Redshift, SQL Server, BigQuery, and more.

Do you have an effective data strategy to win on Amazon?

Check out this webinar where our CEO, Sreenath Reddy, shares best practices, frameworks, and pitfalls around managing your Amazon data effectively.

What clients say about us

“After integrating Google Data Studio with Intentwise Analytics for our top clients, our reporting workload has reduced by over 50%.”

Antonio Exsome
CEO, Profitlogiq, A full service Amazon Agency
How it works?
Step 1

Connect your account with the Intentwise platform.

Step 2

Configure your data sources and destinations. Destinations include reporting tools and data warehouses.

Step 3

Build out your reports and dashboards. Leverage Intentwise’s pre-built templates to get a jumpstart.

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