How to Revoke Amazon Advertising API Access for 3rd Party Tools

Often while evaluating different advertising tools/platforms or moving from one tool to another, brands neglect to revoke the Amazon Advertising API access they had provided to third-party tools that they no longer use. Needless to say, this can cause problems.

Recently, we onboarded a new brand on to the Intentwise platform and soon started noticing that the bids on thousands of keywords were being modified a couple times a day. We looked at the Change History within the Intentwise platform that lets us know when and by whom the changes were made and quickly found out that this was being done by a third-party tool that had previously been provided API access by the customer. We immediately requested the brand to revoke Amazon Advertising API access to the third-party tool and the problem went away.

This incident left us wondering why a reputed platform provider didn’t disable the account and in turn the rules/automation when the client stopped using their platform. At Intentwise we pause all rules/automation and disable clients’ accounts completely when they move on and stop using our platform. We are GDPR compliant so we also provide an option to the users to completely delete all their data.

So the next time you move away from a tool remember to revoke access from all places.

Review and Revoke Amazon API Access Provided to Third Party Users/Tools

There are in total four ways you can provide access to your Amazon Advertising API to third party tools/users:

  1. Amazon Advertising access through email – Seller Central or  Amazon Advertising Console
  2. Amazon Advertising access for API
  3. Amazon Seller Central MWS API
  4. Amazon Vendor Central ARA reporting(Brand Analytics)

When discontinuing use of a tool, be sure to remove access to each of the above. Following this basic hygiene can save you a lot of trouble down the road.

Read our post “Amazon MWS API Access to Third Party Tools and Developers” to understand why and how you should provide Amazon API access to your Amazon Ads partner. 

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