Provide Access to Your Amazon Seller Central Account

In order to gather data and manage campaigns, agencies and/or technology partners may access to your Amazon Seller Central account.

There are two ways to provide access depending on what you want to achieve: Email access and API/oAuth access.

Providing access through email

This enables access to Seller Central wherein the user can request permissions for certain activities such as Inventory, Pricing, Advertising, Order Management activities or pricing. To provide access through email, you’ll need to send an invite to the partner’s email address. Once the partner accepts the invite, you will have to provide the right permissions based on what you would want them to do.

Add users to manage seller account

user invitation email

user permissions

Once the access is available, the partners can log in to Seller Central accounts to manage it.

Providing access through API/OAuth

Your technology partner will provide you with a URL that can be used to provide oAuth access. This will enable the tool to programmatically access Seller Central to perform all operations.

When you provide access, make sure that you login using the Amazon account which has access to Seller Central. This is a very secure and safe way of enabling access to tools because this authentication uses OAuth and Amazon Login service.

Most of the tools that support Amazon Seller Central require Amazon Advertising API access and MWS API access. We will be posting more on the MWS API in upcoming posts.

Read our post “Amazon MWS API Access to Third Party Tools and Developers” to know how to give API access to your Amazon Advertising technology partner.

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