Bulk operations now available on AMS

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) has introduced a much-awaited feature of bulk operations.

What are the key things that you can now do with this new feature?

  1. Add keywords to campaigns
  2. Modify bids for keywords
  3. Creating new campaigns
  4. Adding Targeted products
  5. Performance monitoring up to last 60 days

Here is how you can enable this and start using it

Under the Advertising menu, you should see a new menu “Bulk Operations”

Once you select the bulk operations you will be presented a page where you need to activate it for the account.

As per Amazon’s message, it will take a few hours or less and then you will be presented with a page as below

With this new feature available to all vendors we should start seeing more and more vendors leveraging it to optimize the keyword and bid management.

Read our post “Bulk uploads in AMS” for preliminary learnings about the bulk operations feature on AMS.

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